We are pleased to have created custom frames for this exhibition at Galerie Lelong, Chelsea.

Permeated Shield includes Ursula von Rydingsvard’s well-known cedar carvings that are both rugged and elegant, as well as a 9 ½ foot bronze sculpture as the centerpiece, wall-mounted pieces, and new works on paper.

Each of the cedar pieces is monumental but the artist’s focused and details cuts make them seem almost dainty in sensibility. Some of the works are abstract but some resemble colossal spoons and vessels, as if to be used by some mythical giant. The drawings are made by knotting thread through handmade paper. They take on a delicacy that juxtaposes with the massive, sculptural forms.

Permeated Shield is a full sensory experience – one takes in these large and stunning structures while smelling the earthiness of the wood.

Ursula von Rydingsvard’s is certainly a master of creating brilliantly beautiful, organic forms.

Ursula von RydingsvardUrsula von Rydingsvard